This is alternatively (“ITK”, “we”, or “our”). This is our transparency statement, our mission statement, and our Modus Operandi.

  1. IT Kit will be the honest, impartial, go-to resource for the Modern IT Professional. It is and will remain non-commercial. 
  2. We are not a forum or a discussion board, there are too many good resources out there already. While we don’t directly endorse existing chat communities such as (join the #itkit channel) or subreddits like /r/sysadmin, you’ll find us there.
  3. IT Kit is managed by askSpoke ( as a gesture of goodwill to the Modern IT Community. We ask nothing in return besides content contributions and feedback. ([email protected])  
  4. IT Kit is a community designed to give back to the Modern IT Community and is not intended to generate any direct revenue.
  5. ITK will never favor askSpoke or any other partners/vendors in rankings, reviews or anything other content placement. Placement will be based on pageviews or other truthful data sources. Third parties will never be able to pay for placement, ranking or views.
  6. We will not host text, display or video advertisements of any kind except the “BROUGHT TO YOU BY askSpoke” in the bottom banner. 
  7. Job submissions will be vetted based on quality by the IT Kit team. We are only accepting positions that work with Modern IT tools, for reputable companies and with fair compensation and benefits. You won’t find recruiter spam, underpaid hourly jobs or anything of the sort. We will not request nor accept any financial remuneration from the hiring company or any search firm; the point is to post jobs that connect with the audience of ITK for the benefit of the community. 
  8. We will only accept high quality, contributed content (such as blogs and podcasts) without financial incentives from the author(s). Acceptance is fully at the discretion of the IT Kit team, again based on quality, relevance and non-commercial nature. Contributed content must benefit the ITK community and not heavily advertise any product or service. 
  9. Information about tracking, data collection, cookies, and other privacy information can be found in our privacy policy here-  
  10. The IT Kit team reserves the right to refuse, remove, or hide any content, comments, or site data for any reason, including those listed above.

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